Monday, August 04, 2014

In Ten Years #BEDA

So, Outnumbered has a link called Blog Every Day in.......(obviously August, right now) 

It's a great idea. I've seen it many times, and always meant to join in, then forgetting! 

So this is me, catching up. 

Day 1: Introduction and a recent photo.
I'm Jo, otherwise known as Ojo and this is my world. My little place where I can be totally and utterly me:

(My most recent selfie!)

Day 2: 20 facts about me........I've done loads of posts like this so, if it's ok, I shall defer you to this one: 50 things about me.

Day 3: My Favourite Quote. I'm not sure I have one. 
One that does apply to me the most is:
*There is a thin person inside of me, I just keep silencing her with chocolate*
(honest, it applies to me greatly!)

Day 4: Where would you like to be in 10 years.
Now this is the one that caught my eye. I do wonder where I will be in 10 years. 

10 years from now, my youngest will be 16, my tween will be 21 and my, now, teen will be 26! I could genuinely be a grandmother! 

But I worry about what being a teenager, becoming an adult, will mean for little A. 
How independent will he be? 
Will he sit GCSE's? 
Will he 'fit in' or will he teach society, and those around him, to fit into his lifestyle? 
So many questions, that I can't possibly answer. 

I do hope that society will continue to accept, and learn, about autism and other disabilities, to the point that I won't have any worries.

My tween, being 21, I think he will be off travelling. I have the feeling he will go and see the world, the first chance he gets. I genuinely think I will hear from him rarely.

My, then, 26 year old..........hmmmm. He will be working nights and sleeping all day. Very much what he does now (except now he just watches tv all night).

As for me? I hope I will have finally lost weight. I will be hitting my 50's with a slim body and energy abound! My mortgage will be almost paid, my hubby will be looking at retiring, and a camper van will be close enough to touch.

I hope we will be travelling up and down the country at every opportunity. Getting to festivals that we've missed out on, seeing parts of the country that we always promised we'd see.

Basically 10 years from now, I want to be continuing to love my life, with the love of my life, with self assured and confident children.

That's not too much to ask, is it?

Now pop along to Outnumbered, by clicking the picture below, and see what others are doing.....



  1. Great catch up post :) Your quote reminds me of an episode of Ab Fab ... "Inside me there's a thin person just screamng to get out" ... "Just the one, dear?" - I love it and your quote reminds me of myself - I'm always silencing the skinny one inside with chocolate ;D x

  2. Great quote. I could have used that one for myself!

  3. Great catch up post :) It's scary to look 10 years ahead isn't it! I hope it brings you great things x


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