Thursday, August 21, 2014

An Extra Reason

Today is reasons to be cheerful, I usually write my happy post on a Wednesday, late in the evening. Then it's there, ready for Thursday morning.

I did that, as usual, for today, but now I have an extra reason. This reason cannot be put in with others, this one needed to be separate, because we only found out this morning.

My teen sons GCSE results. I won't share his grades on here, or any other social network. I think those are his to share and, what about the children that didn't do so well? I can't face rubbing their noses in it.

Social networks can be a tough place, for teens, if you over share.

He wanted to get into college, to do interactive media studies. To do this he needed 5 GCSEs, grade C or above.

He passed 6 out of the 10 he took! This made me proud on its own, but one of the exams he failed, he's not happy about. So, even though he doesn't need to, he has decided to resit! 

Super proud!!

I am not a fan of the education system in the UK, making a child (because, at 14, they are still children) decide what they want to do, for the rest of their lives, is ridiculous! That however, is a post for another day.

Today, my boy enrolled for college, on the course he wanted.
That makes me:


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