Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Am I Enough?

I feel like I'm failing!

I actually can't wait for my children to go back to school, and I feel utterly horrible about that.

I have failed at getting them, and me, out of the house.

I have failed at getting them to do anything productive this summer.

I have failed at getting them to try anything new, allowed them to give in to their obsessions (for a peaceful life).

This morning I lost my temper, there was another meltdown.......I ended up shouting. Something I never do, because it's unproductive.

Tell me this is normal.

Tell me I'm not the only one!?

Am I doing enough?

Tonight I am going out for an hour, to a blogging event. I can't wait! I am getting out of this house, on my own, for a few hours, meeting up with fellow bloggers. Having a coffee (maybe some cake), talking to real grown ups, that understand what I do!

 Maybe that will fix everything.

Hope so.


  1. I think we all feel like this sometimes, especially during the holidays when there's a pressure to be entertaining 24 hours a day. I'm sure your children have enjoyed the school holidays and once they're back at school, you can get back into your normal routine x

    1. I've tried to be around, but in all honesty, I'm exhausted (and a little bored) x

  2. I feel guilty too that we have not done anything wow fantastic! But I remember my holidays where most of it was normal regular stuff and that what I wanted, after all it is a holiday. I know it always tricky especially on social media when everyone else seems to be doing so much more. The guilt creeps in and I know for you it hard to get the boys out so totally normal to feel frustrated x

    If it makes you feel better I felt freedom when I popped to the local Tesco Metro on my own (no kids, no trio of dogs!) and wait for it.....spent 10 extra minutes wandering around Homebase!!! Enjoy your lush wish I was going :-) xxxxx

  3. I feel guilty too, guilt at not going somewhere exciting each week but the kids have chilled out, we've had lots of lazy days & busy at home days, I know they're happy but I do feel guilty that I'm not doing enough!

  4. At least you have that option. I live in a community or state or city that do not recognize bloggers at all. And getting out with other autism moms is difficult. All of our schedules are so busy. My time is taken up with hours upon hours of therapy. My son goes to class then comes home and starts his ABA therapy. Fun times. So yes on his 2 days off I let him dive into his obsession. An ipad and his games. We all lose our temper at times and shout. NO need to fret.

  5. If you failed, then so did I, but at least our kids were content xx


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