Tuesday, August 05, 2014

A Special Memory

Today's prompt, for Blog every day in August, is a special memory. The problem is, my memory is sketchy at its best!

I have a glimpse of a memory, that I hold very dear, of being a very small child. We lived in a house that was joined to the neighbours by a corridor. For some reason I have a memory of this, yet we moved from there when I was around 2! 

I didn't have a standout childhood, in a good or bad way, it was normal.
I remember riding down the street, as a child, on my brothers skateboard, ripping the bottom of my favourite skirt in the process.

I remember climbing on to my friends porch, then needing my big brothers to get me down, because I was absolutely terrified! 

I remembered my 13th year well, but it was not a happy year. So in the spirit of avoiding negatives (I'm trying to avoid things that maker me feel negative, for the good of my mental health, and its working), I'm not going to write about it.

I remember being a teenage tearaway, an absolute nightmare for my mum. I'm the reason I'm glad I had all boys!

I remember leaving home at 16.........told you I was a tearaway!

My most special memory, however, is meeting my husband. I was 16, he was 25. Most parents now would be horrified, but it was 25 years ago, and we are still happily married.

The way we met?

That's for someone else's blog, that my family don't read!


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