Wednesday, July 09, 2014

What 'Busy' Does to Us...

I'm getting to the point where, I won't be writing much about the tween. He's about to start secondary school, and the risk of someone he knows coming across my blog and making life difficult for him, stops me.

However, right now, there is so much going on for him, I have to write. Because this space is mine..........and I need something/somewhere to vent!

The stuff that is going on for him, is happening for all the children in his school year.

There are leavers trips, leavers assemblies (which he is playing guitar for), there are days at the local comprehensive, they are also putting on a production of Bugsy Malone! Busy!

The problem is, he doesn't deal with this so well. Boy have I had my hands full. His anxiety levels are through the roof! He has admitted, this morning, that he has even made his nose bleed on one of his 'flipouts'.

He is kicking things, hitting things, headbutting things (hence the nose bleed).

I have to say, my anxiety levels are not doing too good right now, either!

I have spoken about this before, that he isn't diagnosed. I have often questioned whether I should, and also spoken about the result of the last time I tried............ I got sent on a parenting course!

However this week, my son has asked for help. So an appointment has been made with the Dr.

Will it be successful? Who knows, I think they will just palm me off again, because of his age.

I need a break, he needs help. 
Fingers crossed this time!


  1. It is such a stressful time....My girl is stressing too....I thought it would be a breeze and the stress would come in September when she started secondary school....
    She has a sports event today (she hates sports) an induction at the secondary school tomorrow & friday which she's scared about, a trip, and a leavers assembly next week where she has to speak and isn't looking forward to it....I will be so glad when they break up!!
    Good luck at the doctors....I hope all goes well!! Hugs xxx

    1. Thank you! It's nice having someone with a child the same age, you understand! I'm hoping for positive results this time, really really hoping! xx

  2. I am sorry that you both are having a stressful time. Hope the visit to the Dr helps.

  3. Ireland is the same: they send the parents on a course before they'll give any real help, so annoying. Hope he gets the help that he needs this time x

    1. Thank you. I can, just about, cope but this time he's asking for help, hopefully they'll respond x

  4. I hate how they pile on so much pressure at this time of year when both children and parents are exhausted and probably worn out with heat too Even worse if you child has particular individual needs. I must say as a parent one of the things that has shocked me is the inadequacy of players in both the education and health systems
    Wishing you and yours all the very best.

    1. The health system is really letting me down at the moment x

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