Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What am I doing?

My bloggy girl crush, that is Rock and Roll mum, has tagged me to answer some questions about what I'm doing now. 

Of course I'm going to answer it, because then I get to be a nosey mare and ask other bloggers to do the same! So here goes....

Currently I am: 
Looking forward to a week in Weymouth with my family. Also getting a little emotional at the thought of RJ leaving primary school! Why do they have to grow up?!

An awful lot of James Patterson! I haven't read many of his lately, despite being a HUGE fan. I fell back in love with his books recently and am enjoying a good catch up. I've also been sent Amanda Jennings - Judas Scar, which shall be coming on holidays with me.

Listening to:
I have very eclectic taste, so I listen to everything. The only artist which is always on the playlist is Pink.

Laughing at:
I'm not laughing at anything, but I'm laughing with my husband and teen. They are the two people that can make me laugh, everyday. 

Swooning over:
Nothing really! I'm not the swoony type

To try and get my children out of the house this summer! Where? I don't know. Will I be brave enough to do it on my own? I don't know...........but I can plan!

Eating lots of:
Anything and everything! I have terrible trouble saying no...........hence never losing weight. Oops.

Really positive! I know, shocking right?! I have been making a determined, and conscious, effort to get rid of the negative. Last week I had some shit news, I could of let it get me down, but I thought 'stuff it, life is too short'. 
I am avoiding people that feed me negative thoughts. It's working, slowly. 
I have had enough of negative, positive all the way.

That I am not as social as people think I am. I am shying away from social situations, because they make me feel uncomfortable. I find that cliques exist everywhere and I don't like cliques, because I don't like to feel people are excluded. 
Kind of carrying on from leaving out the negative.

Looking at:
cheap clothing, so I can play and adjust.  

Anything cheap! I am a very frugal shopper. I bought a pj top today, for £1! I am loving vintage at the moment. I'm not quite there, but I am leaning towards that style.

Not much. I just don't seem to have the energy lately. 

How I can be old enough to have a teen, that has left school? AND to have been married for 22 years?!

Trying out:
Yet another new hairstyle. Keep an eye on my social networks.

So that's me! 
Now the tag part, who do I really want to answer these questions?

I tag:

If they would wish to join in, no pressure but....... DO IT!


  1. Thanks for joining in! We are so similar aren't we, I love James Patterson and am also trying out positive and new hair and vintage! Hope I get to see you next week! will message you my number so you can give me a shout if you are heading over to Dorchester xx

    1. We are quite similar lol, I will so be in touch if we leave Weymouth at all next week xx

  2. Lovely to learn so much more about you Jenny. I'm also wondering how I've been married for so long and have teens who have left school. Scary isn't it?!

  3. vintage fair needed? when is the next one?


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