Thursday, July 03, 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful

Back with the lovely Becky at lakes single mum for the month of July! The year is flying by so fast, we have to remind each other when it's our turn now.

I'm writing this quite late, because today has been filled with a trip to Noah's Ark in Bristol, with the school.

So my:
Reasons to be Cheerful
Are all about that!
happy to be going!!
Spot the Meercats?!
one lonely elephant! (They are expecting one this week)
A very sleepy tiger!
Getting close to the Giraffes
The dirtiest child there, thanks to his love of stones.
(The hat has a large stone in it, that had to be brought home!)

Getting close to the Rhino
Needing to hide, after a long day......


  1. Ooh what a fab looking trip! Thanks for hosting last month

  2. Looks like a fab day enjoyed by all! Is reasons to be cheerful just on once a month now?

  3. Looks like a great place for a school trip! #R2BC

  4. What an amazing place! And we had a stone lover here too for a while :)

    1. anywhere there are stones........he's happy x

  5. Lovely for the children to see these animals for real instead of just story books. I laughed about the stones. My son used to always bring a stick.

  6. Looks like you had good weather for your trip! Kids love animals its always a hit. Here's to another good week.

  7. I'm constantly finding stones and sticks and assorted broken things Boyzilla has picked up around the place, he'd be a good mate for Bagpuss :-)

  8. Lovely photos and your child is so very gorgeous


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