Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Hotter Shoes!

Last night I had a real treat! (behave!)

I got invited to an event with Hotter Shoes. Now, if you're like me, you probably thought that the shoes they sold were for another generation!

Yesterday evening, I was proved wrong.

After hearing all about the history of the company (did you know, they started just making slippers?). Also about how it works now. I actually find this sort of stuff quite fascinating.

When you learn that the company started really small, then through hard work and commitment to a product, became something large. All the shoes are still created in one factory, with the call centre on the same site. How unusual is that!? (told you I found this stuff fascinating!)

Anyway, onto the actual shoes......

Hotter were the first company to introduce the #comfortconcept. The soles of the shoes are filled with little air bubbles. So it really is like walking in your slippers, they are so comfortable.

The styles that they are now branching into younger, more fashionable styles:

I am not going to lie to you.......


There is a sale on, at my local shop in Cardiff, I think a visit with the mother will be due soon (she is also a lover of their shoes).

I ended up picking these:
Shake Shoes, dusky pink (click to link)

Gorgeous aren't they?

They are also incredibly comfortable. I wore them this morning for the school run. The fit is perfect, a lot to do with the staff in store that are well trained in knowing what a good fit looks like.

I plan on wearing them tomorrow, for a day long school trip, with little A. I have no worries about them rubbing or causing blisters, which is highly unusual in a new pair of shoes.

Now I know what size I am...........I think I can hear the pastel blue ones calling my name!


  1. Great choice! I loved the colours, so many more than I was expecting.

  2. I love a shoe that is comfy, walk loads so happy feet are all important! But you want them to look good too, love the ones you chose, I like the dark aqua ones too!

    They look great xxxx

  3. Fab review, I was lucky to also do a review for Hotter Shoes using my local store in the West Midlands. I also choose the Shake shoes in dusky pink... infact I am wearing them as I type this. I love them, so practical and so comfy! Enjoy!!

  4. The first pair are lovely and the second photo the white shoes are gorgeous. Well out of my price range though :( xx


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