Saturday, July 12, 2014

He did what!?

Sometimes, in our little world, something so amazing happens. It happens in the least expected way and usually when there is no one around to tell!!

Today, something amazing happened!

Now, before you read on, please remember that amazing, from my perspective, may be slightly different. 

I had the car today. I had errands to run, children to drop off etc etc.

On the way back to picking Mr. Ojo up, I decided to treat little A to a McDonalds. 
Little A has typical autistic behaviour, when it comes to food. He has a VERY limited range. He pretty much lives on nuggets and potato based products as a main meal. I was told calories are more important than content for him, because he would rather starve, than eat new food.

I do try to introduce new food, but it has to be done in the right way, otherwise ALL food might get refused!

Anyway, McD's gave us the wrong order. They gave us a plain burger and fries, instead of nuggets.

Little A took one look, questioned why his nugget was in a bun......


He took a bite. 
He chewed it.


I couldn't freak out! I was alone, driving!


By the time we got back to McD's, to get the correct food, I had picked up Mr. Ojo. I think we were both ready to burst! The McDonalds staff were so apologetic, but I could have kissed them!

He ended up eating about half a burger, but that's fine. He tried something new....

And didn't even realise!

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