Monday, July 14, 2014

Fabulous Baker Days!

Sometimes things are just meant to be! 

Like, a few days before your gorgeous husbands birthday, getting an email from Baker Days.

Baker days produce small, personalised cakes that, get this, fit through your letterbox!?

How cool is that?

I wanted something special and these days it's so hard to think of something original to get someone. If you have someone to bake you a personalised cake, it works out incredibly expensive. Plus you have the problem of hiding said cake, until the day of the birthday.

None of this is an issue with a postable cake.

It arrived on Saturday morning and, as you can see, Mr. Ojo was very happy with this delivery!

This is a Personalised Cake from their range. It's delivered in a cute little tin, then inside a box. It arrives perfectly intact.

It even has a bag of extras! A couple of candles, a blower and balloons! How cool is that?

The actual cake is delicious and, believe me, I know cake!

It's moist with delicious, not too thick, icing on top. It's enough for 4 slices, with a cup of tea. 

If that's not enough for you though, they also do Personalised Cupcakes for delivery. Ideal if you have a larger family, or you want to *gulp* share?!

It really does take the stress out of finding cakes for someone, especially as you can personalise it for the people you care about. I have a few birthdays coming up that these will be perfect for.

I know I would love one for my birthday. 

Unlike Mr. Ojo though....

 I don't share!
I was sent a cake for the purpose of this review


  1. Sounds like a great idea, wish I thought of it lol!

  2. Such a great idea and a very tasty looking cake :) x


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