Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Am I Too Old?......

I bought a bike, off a friend, last year.
It still sits, locked away, in my shed.....

When I brought it home I realised, I couldn't ride it! 
I honestly thought I could ride a bike, and isn't there a saying about not forgetting how to ride a bike!? 

Well, it's sat in my garage for a year, because I did forget. I watch people elegantly glide by me on their bikes, feeling jealous. I really want to learn, but.......

Am I too old?

I am scared! I don't want to hurt myself. 
I don't want to make a fool of myself! I live in a small village where everyone would see me, wobbling around!  

Yet, I still want to learn.

It makes me wonder what else we think we're too old for.

I'm watching my son who, yesterday, discovered loom bands. I want to have a go, the creative part of my brain is itching to learn. But I'm a bit old for that now.....aren't I?

While on holiday, I wore cycle shorts (I bought them to go under long skirts/dresses. They're good to stop chafing).
I wouldn't wear them about locally, day to day......people would take the mickey.......I'm far too old for that!


I don't actually care what people think!

So I shall be learning to ride a bike this year.
I shall get my son to teach me how to do an inverted fishtail loom anklet.
If the sun comes out again,  I will be flashing my pins in cycle shorts. They are comfy!

Because age is a state of mind and

I'm not too old for anything!

What do you think? 
Do you stop yourself from doing things, because you are too young/old?
Should we really care? 


  1. Loom bands are fun, I made my first ones last week so no your never too old!

    1. I can see me falling into that abyss, I have to be honest x

  2. Doing these things will actually keep you from growing old too soon, fact! I have a draft or two on such things...

    Hate going on the road with a bike but love riding one on a cycle path, it makes you feel younger and I promise it will soon come back to you! xxx

    1. There are a few cycle paths locally, along some beautiful areas. I will do it this year! 😁xx

  3. Well I am going back to uni just before my 44th birthday so I don't think age stops anything! good luck on the bike x

  4. You are never too old! As young as you feel.
    Spookily I've also been looking into a bike for me because a) it's exercise and b) I'd get places quicker.
    Go for it!!! X

  5. I'm sure you're never too old to learn something new - but I am struggling with the loom bands! #pocolo

  6. Great attitude! Do what you want, when you want. Doesn't matter about others. Age is just a number that often holds us back :)

  7. Good for YOU!!! Go for it - I have no doubt that you will definitely do all of this, and successfully too! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x


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