Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The Dance

Do you remember your first dance? Or any dance in fact, with your loved one? 

Was it when you first met, or was it at your wedding?

Mine was after being with my hubby for 24 years!
After years of me sulking because he never danced with me, he finally gave in at his nieces wedding.

The other night, I was lying in bed, when I started thinking of the romance the first dance should bring. 

The Dance

He held out his hand
as the music flowed
He led her to the floor
He took her in hold

She put her arms around him
She did what felt so right
She loved him so much right then
more than any other night

He stroked her hair
He caressed her face
 He looked deep in her eyes
while the music kept pace

She felt his caress
Her face starting to heat
as her heart beat faster
She felt unsteady on her feet

He leaned in even closer
She held him so tight

Their lips fell together
A perfect end to the night


  1. Oh that's lovely. Unfortunately dancing with my husband has never felt anything like that! He has 6 left feet and only consents to dance once drunk!

    1. Oh believe me, the dance we had that eve was a stand alone one. My hubby is from a 'men don't dance' generation lol x

  2. So romantic! I'm going to sit and sigh wistfully for a bit.
    Think the only times I've danced with the Other Half have been to drum and bass.

    1. Thank you!
      That dance was a one off for us xx


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