Tuesday, June 17, 2014

School Dinners

So, yet again school dinner rules have been tightened.

Yet again, I shall be not reading, or taking any notice.

I know I am going against a lot of peoples beliefs, but children will be children! 

When they are young, they are picky. I allow my children to be picky, I also introduce a lot of flavours, until I understand my children's taste. 

Does this make me a good parent, or a bad one? I don't really care, they are my children, they are healthy and well nourished. They eat fruit and vegetables, they just eat differently to each other!

I read so much about making children eat what's in front of them, or go without. I don't disagree with that, they are your children, to be brought up your way. So don't judge my choices.

Unfortunately, a lot of children don't get decent food at home, this is where healthy food can be introduced..........but don't force it on them?! You are basically saying:
'Eat this or go without' 
To a child that may be going without!

How can that possibly make sense?!

I also notice the complete lack of thought for children that have additional needs, that may cause sensory issues. For example, little A doesn't eat 'wet' food. So will he not get any food all day, if I make him have dinners?

Are they going to ban little A's Nutella sandwich and crisps, because I can promise you, he won't eat anything else. Hell, he's only recently agreed to a new lunchbox!

So Mr. Gove, that for your input, but you can 'input' it where the sun doesn't shine.

If you want to help children, put more money into the schools. 
Give funding for more teaching assistants. 
Pay towards school libraries. 
Give extra funding for Special Needs.


  1. It's hard isn't it? My daughter has school dinners and I find it's a world of contradictions. They currently have cake, chips, cupcakes with frosting etc, yet when I gave my daughter a home made cupcake in her packed lunch, I'd be told off and she'd have it confiscated as being unhealthy. Go figure.....

    1. exactly! If you're going to give out rules, stick to them. But personally, just feed them! Their children x


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