Monday, June 02, 2014

Park Running!

My little RJ has always
been the more active of my children. K used to do Tae Kwan Do, but stopped at blue belt. Little A is always on the go, but he wouldn't understand an organised event. Most of his activity is stimming, he would get too tired doing much more.

Anyway, RJ does tennis and football, in after school clubs. Recently a local athletic club started back up, and he wanted to join that too. He's only been going 2 weeks, but absolutely loves it. 

The club had mentioned on it's facebook page, that there were 2K ParkRuns going on locally (they do the park runs all over the country, for adults and children, click the link, take a look). They even had their own last Thursday, they did a 2K around the local park. 

After that, RJ really wanted to do another, so this week we took him to Tredegar House, Newport, where the run was being held. 

I am ashamed to say, it was my first time at Tredegar House. I wish I had been there sooner! It's perfect for little A, with large open spaces for him to run:

RJ was well up for this run, a bit nervous, but relaxed a little when he saw just how many turned up, including some he knew from the athletic club:
I pixilated the one picture, I don't know these children, and wouldn't want to offend!
I have to say, it was an extremely well organised event. We were there early so saw the wardens working things out. They had a warm up before they started, so I went off to find myself a spot to watch from.

I found myself a lovely little tree stump, which was great because it was big enough for me and little A! He was enjoying the open areas. He had so much freedom, with so little restriction! We will definitely be going back to visit.

The spot we found gave us a great view of the run:

The only time I had to move (as you know, if a regular reader, moving is not easy for me lately), was when he got to the finish line!:

I am always proud of my boys, but I was bursting yesterday. On his first ever run his stats were:

Time: 12.32
Position: 60 (out of 110!)

He can't wait to do another one, quite frankly, I can't wait to go! It was a fantastic, very well organised, morning. Even little A enjoyed it. 

It was lovely to do something for one child, that another child could enjoy! If you're wondering about the teen..........

We left him in bed!!
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  1. Woohoo, those parkruns are great. Way to go, RJ. My sister and her family go to one every Saturday in Basingstoke ~ they all love it. I laughed at your teen in bed comment. Sounds like my house!! :)

    1. I think it will become a regular thing for us too. There was absolutely no point in attempting to wake the teen on a Sunday morning! Since becoming a teen weekend mornings have ceased to exist lol x

  2. Wow 60 out of 110 is awesome well done to him x

  3. Wow! Well done! That's such a great achievement!! x

  4. It's great when they enjoy running like this. Looks like RJ did really well too and some fun places to run. #MagicMoments


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