Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Love Changes

I found out about a blog today, that gives you a theme each week to write about. After almost 2 years of blogging (where did that time go!?), I sometimes get a bit of a fudged, as to what to write about. So this is a perfect time to come across this.

The theme that has been chosen this week is LOVE.

It got me think of how I love, and who I love.

My husband

My love for him has changed, dramatically, over the 25 years we've been together. It wasn't love at first sight, it was lust! I'd had a crush on him since I was, around, 14. I was a troublesome teen, a real handful for my mum. At 16 I left home, 3 months after that I finally approached Mr. Ojo and it was a whirlwind from there. 

We went through the argumentative stage, where the love was young and immature. Then we started to grow, we got married when I was 19 and the love changed to something more mature, we cared deeply for one another too.

The next stage is when children came along. Everything changes when children enter your life. A part of you goes to them, this can cause friction in a relationship. Luckily, we knew each other well as a couple, by the time the children came. We became a true couple then, I feel, a proper team. We found each others strengths and weaknesses, and worked around them.

Now my children are growing, we still have the teamwork, but we crave time alone. Sometimes I want to just be us. Be a couple, in love and lust. Occasionally we get time away together, and appreciate every second.

What I have now is a total combination of the different types of love we've experienced. There's been tough times, but they are past. There may be some in the future, but we will work through them.

Because we love each other.

My children

My love for them is totally unconditional. It's a totally different kind of love, and each one has different needs.
 Do I love my children the same? I love them the same amount, but I don't treat them the same. They are individuals, they all have very different personalities. My job is to nurture those personalities, to allow them to grow as individuals. 

I am a stay at home mum now, because little A came with extra needs. I admit, I probably give too much of myself, to be a parent, but that is my choice!

The one thing I have learnt from my mum, is that the unconditional love will never go away. I still feel loved everyday by her, and I hope I am as good a parent as she is.

How do you see love?
Should it be all consuming?
(I don't think it should, by the way)
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  1. What a wonderful description of how different love can be, but nonetheless equally meaningful. I've read quite a lot about how team work especially makes a marriage work-playing to each other's strengths I think. #thethemegame


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