Thursday, June 26, 2014

Janome Mini Sewing Machine

As all regular readers know, I love sewing. One of the most common things I hear, when sharing pictures of my things, is "I wish I had a machine".

What reasons do most people give, for not getting one?

Too complicated
Too expensive
I can't sew

What if you could have a machine that answered all those questions?...........

I've got the perfect one!!

It's a Janome Sewing Machine, from HobbyCraft. 

I've made this a nice large picture, so that you can see how simple it is to work. 

As a bit of extra proof, I have recorded the set up, with some simple stitches:


I have to be honest, this is a perfect machine for a new or nervous sewer, with machines. It doesn't go too fast, when you put your foot down on the pedal. It's far more controlled than a full machine.

I also think, size and power wise, this is a perfect beginner machine for a youngster. My 11 year old had a go and loved it. 

The only (minute) negative, is the lack of on/off button. Once plugged in, it's away to go. Please be aware of this, if setting up for a child!

It will be coming on holidays with me though. Small and easy to carry, plus I find sewing very relaxing.


  1. This looks simple enough even I could use it!

    1. it really is a fantastic little starter machine x


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