Tuesday, June 03, 2014

ABC's cont.....

 My A,B,C'S post was well received last week, so it's time to continue. 
I left you with an F word on the last post (behave!).

So today, I am starting with:

G is for Girlie

I live with a houseful of the male species, even the family pets are! So I have ended up being incredibly girlie. I know it's outdated, I don't care. I love pink, sparkles and jewellery. So there!

H is for Horror

In complete contrast to above, I am a huge fan of horror films. The more it makes me hide behind a pillow, the more I like it. I actually swore during a film once, very loudly.......in the cinema! I made a girl behind me jump haha.

I is for Injuries

This was my hubby's idea. Don't worry, I'm not going to post the gruesome, broken ankle, picture again! That injury has now left me with arthritis in my ankle. The rest of my problems may not come under the category of injuries per say, but they frickin hurt! I have nerve problems in my lower back, that now leaves me in pain pretty much all the time. It also gives me pain through my arms and legs. Not pleasant, so if you see me with a stick, you know why.

J is for Joanna

That is actually my name, but no one ever calls me it! Everyone has always called me Jo. When the next generation of little ones came along, they called me aunty Ojo, and that has become the name more people know me by. I like it, since starting my blog, it has become the name that means people are talking about me, not someones mam or someones wife. Just Ojo.

K is for Knackered

Because I am, all the time!

So there you go, that is my next instalment! As I said before, you are welcome to copy, just leave me a comment and I will come and have a read.

Go on, what letter or word best describes you? 


  1. I still dont have enough courage to watch walking dead season 1! I wish I can. My husband said its good but im just really chicken! I wish I am like you with movies =) #pocolo

  2. I know what you mean about the knackered one, having kids is sooo tiring :) #pocolo


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