Thursday, May 08, 2014

The Morrisons Mum Roast

If you are a fan of Twitter, or you follow +BritMums you may have noticed the hashtag #MorrisonsMum, the last few days. If you haven't, let me explain:

Quite a few Bloggers were approached by BritMums, along with Morrisons, with a challenge. Recently Morrisons have had some massive price cuts, throughout the store. We were to go into store, armed with £80 worth of vouchers and try out the new price cuts, to see if they measured up to our expectations. 

I was one of the lucky ones to be picked!
Outside the new, local, Morrisons
Roughly 6 months ago, a new Morrisons store opened near to my house. Actually within 2 miles of my home! I hadn't shopped there often, simply because I am a creature of habit. 

I decided for my bank holiday meal I would go against the norm. While a lot of  people think picnics etc, I went with a roast. I'm sorry, I cannot give up my roast for anybody! 

This is what I bought for my Roast:

As you can see, I photographed this with the prices visible. This adds up to a total of £10.63. When you consider that little A wouldn't eat any of this, this equals just under £2.20 a portion! 
I didn't use all the potatoes or carrots, also add a bit of homemade gravy. There is at least 2 more meals out of the carrots and potatoes. If that isn't a bargain, I don't know what is?!

I did go slightly overboard with my shopping, I actually spent over the £80. The everyday price cuts, that suited my family life however, were excellent.

Above is a collage of items that I would normally buy. The big advantage to us is proximity, we live very close to a large store, that also has a petrol station attached. 

I genuinely found the price cuts worked for me. I am no expert, but I know when I am saving myself money. I did overspend, but that was the novelty of a new store. I always do it! 

I would recommend you give your local Morrisons a try, with these new price cuts. Just look out for the yellow 'I'm Cheaper' labels to find products that are reduced.

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  1. I love a roast too. You look fabulous in that picture by the way. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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