Friday, May 16, 2014

The Food Journal: A review

I've been a Parragon book buddy for, almost, a year now! Where on earth has the time gone? 

It started with Brit Mums Live last year. I have had a book a month since. Until recently I had received books for children but, as excellent as the books were, they were too advanced for little A. 

So I got in contact with Parragon Books and asked if it was possible to change their selections, to something for adults.
(I know, I thought of myself, shocking!) 

I was so pleased when they agreed, and sent me a new book to review.
 I was bloomin' ecstatic when this arrived:

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know I am always on a diet! Thanks to that new app, that lets you see old facebook/twitter/instagram feeds, I now realise that I have been on a diet (unsuccessfully) for over 4 years!

I find I get the most success when I log my food and this is the perfect book for it.

But it isn't just a food journal, there are also healthy recipe ideas. I love the cute little 'pick me ups', scattered throughout, like this one:


To round up, I think this is a great little journal. It's fun and functional and couldn't have been delivered to me at a better time!

To keep updated with Parragon books why not like their Facebook page?: Facebook/Parragon

So thank you Parragon, I will lose weight
............Stop laughing! I will!

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