Thursday, May 15, 2014

Reasons To Be Cheerful 15/05

Well hello all, it's happy Thursday! 

My partner in the linky, Becky from Lakes Single Mum, is still in charge. So come along and share your happiness with us.

Here's my
Reasons to be Cheerful

1. New doors! Sounds daft doesn't it, but I've been nagging for ages to start doing up my house. For a few years there has been a safety gate between my living room and kitchen, now I have this:
Now I just have the rest of the room done!

2. A night out. Yep, I went out. I went with two mums that have children with autism and, are stay at home mums. It was nice to not feel judged or, looked down on. It was also nice to put on a little make up.

3. Back to sewing. I am making cushion covers to cover up the messy old ones and match my new room. Here's a sneak peak:

So now it's over to you. What is making you smile, look for something good.

It will make you feel better, promise.


  1. Yay for doors! Totally understand where you're coming from with that :) So glad to hear you had a lovely night out x

  2. OK, on the sewing project I would love you to do for my new home, anything the same colour as your hair would be fabulous. I swear you are getting more and more better looking by the day - will be in awe when next we meet.
    I have an article on autism written by a friend of mine if you would like to see it. email me.

    1. I shall remember to email you! and that comment has seriously made me blush, but thank you xx

  3. Hope you enjoyed your night out!

  4. yay to new doors! you looked v glam for your night out. That cushion look lovely

  5. I love the colour of your hair & hope you all had a good night out x

  6. All great reasons! You look lovely! X

  7. Lovely hair colour and well done on a night out. Always enjoy seeing pictures of your sewing x


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