Thursday, May 08, 2014

Reasons To Be Cheerful 08/05

We are into the 2nd week of May already?! This year seems to be slipping by. This months host is Becky at Lakes Single Mum. She is doing a fantastic job, as always, and it's been lovely reading all the Reasons you have to be Cheerful!

Her are mine this week:
Reasons to be Cheerful

1. Giggles with the Mr
This week he has been on an afternoon shift. When he does this, he tends to get up with the boys in the morning so he can actually see them. I have been slightly lazy with him doing this, and staying in bed. Yesterday he came back up, we nodded back of to sleep for a couple of hours. Then just lazed about with a cuppa, having fun and giggling like big kids! Sometimes it's nice to remember we are a couple, not just mum and dad.

2. A new fence:
The other day, a man drove up our road...........on the pavement?! Simply because he couldn't be bothered to wait for us to pull out onto the road fully. It was the final straw for us. We have our children's safety to think of, particularly little A, who doesn't see the danger in things. So now our car is parked out on the street and a new front yard is in progress.

3. Local Walks.
I actually got the youngest 2 out for a walk, bank holiday Monday! We have loads of lovely places to walk, I don't take advantage of them nearly enough. The picture was taken at Pen-Y-Fan pond, very local to me and quite a beautiful spot to walk, jump and Scooter around.

I hope you have reasons to smile this week. If you don't, maybe you should find some. Believe me, finding happiness in the small things, makes life a little easier to cope with on the bad days.

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  1. Some drivers are complete idiots!! Glad you have your new fence but shocking what some people will do instead of waiting a couple of minutes. Glad you've had a lovely week :) x

  2. Can't believe the driver did that! Totally agree with reason number 1!

  3. What an eejit! glad you have found a great solution. what a lovely spot for a walk, thanks for being here again :-)

  4. I am so in love with walking lately! My son is sick but I am making sure that we go out even few minutes to walk. Makes him cheery after ... #R2BC

  5. The reason you had to get a gate is a shame, but it is lovely!

  6. Time together as a couple is wonderful, that must have been fun. Luv the gate and that walk looks delightful. Here's to a lovely weekend and a great week to come.

  7. Boyzilla was tasked with doing some traffic duty at the local car boot sale on Bank Holiday Monday (he is a Police Cadet), he came home almost speechless about some of the people who were driving wherever they pleased when there was a clear one-way system in operation.


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