Friday, May 30, 2014

Gardens on a Budget

I mentioned on a past post, about how me and my hubby had a scare whilst pulling out of our drive. We were not fully out when a car came up the road, rather than wait the few seconds it would have taken us to straighten up............he mounted the curb, without slowing down!!

All we could think was, what if one of the boys had stepped out from behind my fence? Especially the younger 2, who don't have great danger awareness.

It started us thinking about creating a, fenced in, front yard. However, our budget is tight! So a plan was set in motion to reuse and recycle what we could.

This is how my garden looked before, looking through the front door:

And from the road:

Not an attractive sight! However, those posts and wood are good quality. Therefore, the hubby decided a plan and got started.
The hardest job was digging up the concrete that held the original metal fence, that was removed years ago. I had to go and buy him a pick axe for that bit. 
Then he started removing the slabs that had made up our, very messy, drive. He put aside the ones that were whole, ready to use again. Then he started taking down the fence.

It was painstaking work for Mr. Ojo! He had to take off all the panels individually, to make sure they stayed in one piece.

Then the fence posts were cut down and made up into a new, lower, fence. This runs across the full length of our garden. The gate was an old gate, that we hadn't got around to getting rid of! (See, hoarding can be good, sometimes).
Then all the stones that weren't broken, made a path from the gate:

Up to this point, it only cost us the price of a bag of sand and cement, just to level the slabs up to the pavement.

The final job was to lay some gravel. If you plan on using gravel, shop around. We managed to get a tonne of it, delivered, for under £40! 
As you can see, it started to come together lovely!

Then it was just finishing touches. I already had my Chimnia, we had a jumbo bag delivered (a local thing to us). You pick up a bag at the local garage, for £5, then they pick it up when it's full, and you pay £30. A brilliant idea, however, he did struggle to get the bag over the was rather heavy with rubble!

I also wanted a nice place to sit, as my back garden is a sun trap, and I don't do well in the sun! So we bought a 'Jack and Jill' bench from PoundStretchers, another bargain at £60. 

This is what my lovely, safe, front garden looks like now. (Please forgive the quality, it has barely stopped raining since completion!):

I would like add some more 'finishing touches', like painting the bench, the fence and the gate, but that will come through the summer. I am just happy with the result.

I think someone else is, too......


  1. It looks fantastic and on such a fab budget too. I am looking to make our back garden more toddler friendly and budgetting definitely needs to be used for ours too. Well done Mr Ojo!

    1. My back garden is mostly grass, with lots of toys lol. Look for local timber yards, and builders merchants. You would be surprised how little you can make it work for.
      Definitely look around your garden and see what can be recycled xx

  2. What a brilliant idea - so glad it all came together so well and that you're all safer now :) x


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