Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Exam Time

It began today. 


We all know how nerve wracking they are, as adults we've been through all types of tests. 

We have already sat through our own school exams, my hubby was 'O' level era, I was one of the first to sit GCSEs. 

Then we grew up and sat driving tests. Some people went on and did A levels and other forms of further education. Not me, I was more interested in the Mr! 

All of the tests, as adults, prepare you for life. Today, however, I discovered, they DO NOT prepare you for your own child sitting exams.

I feel sick with worry. 
I have spent most of the morning sewing, just to keep my mind occupied.

It's not working.

When he flew in, for lunch, a little while ago.......I almost cried! 

I have prepared him the best I can. I've made sure he has studied, but with regular breaks. I've made sure there are cereal bars he likes here, so he will eat breakfast. I have made sure he is getting plenty of sleep.

I am still a bag of nerves though!

He is my biggest boy, now classed as an adult. He is still however MY baby. All 3 of my boys are my babies. I am discovering, as they grow, they never stop being our babies!

So how would you cope with it? 

I am considering bathing in Gin.....


  1. I think nowadays they are so much more prepared. They know what grades they can achieve unless they really mess things up! Good luck to him and you...try and stay calm!

    1. I am calming down a little, now he is finding his rhythm x

  2. Make room in the tub for me, my Callum is doing his too at the moment!

    1. Oh dear! Will you supply the tonic?? x


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