Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Don't Ask Wednesday!

I think 'Oh Dear' covers this week, as far as being healthy is concerned!

A combination of: being hormonal (that's being polite), getting stuff done around the house and garden and some general laziness, has led to a horrific week!

The upside to this is, I am feeling better. I accept that I had a blow out, I know how to fix it, so onward and downward (on the scales) to the week ahead.

I didn't hit a single target this week, not one. 

I didn't make it in to town.
I only made my steps on one day.
I still don't go to sleep early enough!

This week it resulted in:

2lb GAIN

Yes, I'm gutted. But the only person I can blame is me.

Friday night I misread a text from a friend about going out, I had the wrong week. So me and Mr. Ojo took the boys to the cinema instead. I ate half a large bag of peanut M&Ms, crisps and pretzels!?

Then bank holiday Monday was spent watching the Mr make a fence in our front garden. I got bored and are a giant bag of monster munch with little A, a large amount of Bombay Mix, followed by sausage and chips with curry sauce, from the chippy!

Can you see why I am not surprised?

I am so mad at myself! It is time to move on though.

So targets this week:

1. Get out for a walk.
We have some lovely places to walk locally. Fear of going alone stops me, so it's time to put on my 'big girl' pants on and do it.

2. Lose gained weight.
I want at least 2lb gone, if not more! 

3. 5000 steps a day.
I am jumping up in numbers, to push myself. I need the push and I enjoyed the one walk I did this week. 

So that's me this week. How is everyone else doing?

Are you healthy? Are you sticking to it, or struggling sometimes, like me? I do love to hear.

As always:


  1. I've said something very similar to AutismMumma, but gains happen. You know where things went wrong this week and know what to do to rectify the situation. You can do this!

  2. You hit one very important target that isn't on your list - having fun and spending some quality time with your family doing things that made you feel good. Yeah ok, you put on a little bit but now you've had a few days off, you can jump back in and get positive again :)

    We have a new family hobby - geocaching - which is a great way of getting out and walking loads (you can read all about it on this week's Sunday weigh in - we covered over 20 miles and had great fun - ... even if I didn't lose any weight this week, not fair !! lol )

  3. You know what went wrong so that's a perfect starting place for this week! Good luck



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