Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cold Turkey

Don't worry, I haven't been a secret drug taker all this time. I am somewhat of an addict though, to Crisps.

Yes, you read that correctly.......Crisps.

Oven baked, fried, corn name them, I can't get enough of them. 

This week I am giving them up, completely and totally. 

You see, my teen drinks far too much pop, mostly Pepsi max. I bought 16 cans while shopping on Sunday afternoon, by Tuesday eve, they were gone! Yes, his tween brother did have a few but he must of had, at least, 10 of them. That is no longer a *liking* of them, that is bordering on addiction.

I told him he had to stop, totally. To help him on this path, I too will go cold turkey, with crisps.

This brings me neatly around to my Wednesday weigh in bit. Actually there isn't one, Ha! I have been feeling a'bunged'. I have decided to weigh tomorrow, when I am 'unbunged'. This means one of my targets from last weeks Post, has not been met. 

I have, however, made my steps for the week. I was under for 2 days, but way over for most of the others. Unfortunately, I didn't make the walk either. I have been having work done on the house, so I've mostly been sewing.

So, onto this weeks targets:

1. No Crisps!

I shall do it for my son, as well as myself! I shall, I shall (if I keep saying it, it might sink in).

2. 6000 steps

Yep, upping them by 1000, I reckon I can do it too.

3. Get out for a walk.

I said it last week, it didn't happen. This will not be repeated, honest.

So that is my week. I have failed 2/3 of my targets, I will not do that this week. Hopefully I will weigh in tomorrow, then I shall update accordingly.

How do you keep a healthy lifestyle? All tips gratefully received!


  1. I love crisps too, we don't really have them in the house as I'd just eat them all! x

    1. My little one eats loads, but he eats so little I have to keep them around...........really hard! lol xx

  2. mmmm turkey, oh sorry crisps, yep they are a bit addictive. What about making some veggie crisps and he can have fizzy water! Good luck!!

    1. Ooh he's been a right grumpy git over it all, I can tell you lol.
      Good idea with the veggie crisps though xx

  3. I love crisps too....Now I'm thinking about crisps and wanting them....hehehe!
    Good luck x

  4. I should give up crisps too, I eat way too many. Hope it goes well for you x

    1. Since I started I have only had half a packet! So proud of myself x


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