Saturday, May 10, 2014

Closing myself down

Me. I'm closing down.

I don't want to be part of what's outside my front door. I would rather just stay in my own, safe, four walls.

I opened up, you see. I made friends in real life. How stupid was that? To think people would like me, for me?

Then one comment, one slight, that may even have been said in jest. One comment has left me questioning myself. Questioning how people see me? 

Does everyone think of me like that?

Does anyone know me at all!?

I let my guard down, I ventured into real life, I only have myself to blame.

I have learnt far too many times that the real world is harsh. I act like the strong woman, but I am easily broken. I cannot take harsh.

So thanks for teaching me that the real world is shit. Turns out you don't know me really, or don't care.

So I will stay behind my blog/twitter/Facebook. I will stay hidden in the community of thousands.

Because loneliness might not be good, but it's better than the hurt I feel right now.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear what's happened love. I understand where you're coming from, after being screwed over by someone I thought was a friend I'm very wary of making new friends too.
    It's difficult but try not to shut the door completely yeh? So hard when you've been hurt but there are some brilliant people out there, we just have to find them :) xx

  2. Oh lovely lady you are wonderful. I have no idea what's happened but sending you big hugs. I prefer my penpals and bloggers too the real works sucks a bit but it isn't all bad huge hugs don't isolate yourself and don't stay away too long otherwise they win :-) xx

  3. Oh Jo, sending you hugs from North Wales! Really sorry to read that you're feelings have been hurt but like Hannah & Shay have said before me, try not to isolate yourself, take your time to find the good ones xx

  4. It's a shame that some people do not realise the hurt they cause with a few words. But not everyone is like that sweetie. Big smile, boobs out and try again. You are worth it xx

  5. Sweetie, you know, and I KNOW you know this..but you have to ignore them. It's not easy, but nothing ever is, you are fabulous and amazing, don't hide away. xx

  6. Jo, I really don't know what has happened but not liking the solution you have come up with! Hiding away is a temporary thing and could end up getting you in a mess. All said with my *Stern Mum's face on xxx I don't know you personally but I feel like I do and I really don't want you getting in a rut and that is where this tactic will end, you are too lovely for that.

    Go through the whole thing again and think it through from another angle you may realise you have come up with the wrong answer. xxxxx


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