Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The Little Things (Autism Awareness Month)

As I said, I want to write a bit extra, about Autism this month. I am only writing from my point of view. This blog is about me and mine, every child is different and no child should be judged by a label.

This month I simply want to write more about how we live. I have already written about some of the things which are a Joy. I have even written a bit of a Poem about it. 

Today, I want to write about some of the little things that my boys may not understand. There is a lot of presumption that a child with Autistic traits will be super smart etc, this is not the case! Mostly the things my children are amazingly good at, are the thing they obsess about. 

Little A can make, just about, anything out of Lego. Not the brick kind, but the complicated new styles. He isn't particularly good at putting them together, initially, from the instructions. But putting together new and imaginative things, from the bits........amazing.

RJ is superb at anything MineCraft (but then most kids his age are good at that!). He is at the top of his class, for just about every subject, in school. 

Then the other day, we were strolling home from my mums, I pointed out the flat me and his dad used to live in.

So what?? I here you say.......

He didn't know what a flat was!? 
A simple thing like that, he didn't know.

Because it was something I had not actually explained to him, he didn't know what it was. I had never thought about it before. My teen (now 16) and I had the same conversation, years ago. It was just pointed out, accepted, that was that.

With RJ it took me the rest of the way home to explain to him what a *flat* was! When I was done explaining, he asked if it was 'like a bungalow?'. Is it?........Well yes, kind of. Like a bungalow........on top of a bungalow. Yes?!

But how do the people get in there?
Through the front door.

So how do the people get in downstairs?
Through the back door.

So they live in the same house?
Well yes.........but no.

Then the conversation starts again.

This is my experience of Autistic traits in RJ. It's normally the simple things in life, that we all take for granted, that he doesn't *get*.

This is why we have and Autism Awareness Month. So you can learn about these type of things. So you can understand what it is like for us that are 'living with Autism'.

I want to direct you to charity called Hearts and Minds.  I am huge supporter of these. They aim to get iPads to children with Autism, but they also are a huge support to families living with Autism.

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  1. Its good to make other people more aware of how autism impacts on you and your children, as you say each child is different and its not a 1 size fits all thing. I'd love to see some of his Lego creations they sound fab


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