Monday, April 21, 2014

Meal Planning Monday

That's it, Easter is over for another year. Although if you are like us, you have a few eggs left over. 

That's why this weeks Meal Plan is a little different.......multiple choice:

What do you think??
Menu A or Menu B?

Both were written by Mr. Ojo this week. Between nose bleeds and headaches, I really don't feel up to much.
 Plus the children are still home, for another week. Resulting in a relatively simple plan.

As always, joining up with the lovely Mrs.M:
Meal Planning Monday

Take a look, you might get some ideas.

Hope you have all had a wonderful Easter


  1. Haha love it I definitely have enough eggs to do the first one!


  2. I think I'd be going with Menu A.....hehehe

  3. Definitely Menu A, I'm planning to ignore anything that mentions the word diet - even if it is the last word!! x

  4. I am probably the odd one out, I would go for B as I really do not have a sweet tooth.


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