Monday, April 28, 2014

How to Wake up a Teen - An Evil Mummy Post

I have been quite the evil mother, over the last 2 weeks. You see, it's been the Easter, end of term, break. At the best of times my, 16 year old, son will crawl out of bed around mid afternoon.

He is a struggle to wake on school days. He sets several alarms, none of them actually work! I have to set my alarm for 7:30, to wake him. I then set another alarm at 8am, to wake his brothers and, half the time, wake him again.

He is a pain in the ass, to put it mildly. When you do wake him up he is miserable! You know, proper hormonal teenager miserable. You think it's just girls, but oh no......boys are just as bad.

Over the 2 weeks Easter hols, he kept promising to wake up earlier. He would promise to wake earlier, just so that he could have his youngest brother for a few hours. I only wanted to run the cleaner over, or pop up the shop for a loaf of bread, simple little things. I wrote a post yesterday about how difficult these things are (Here).

So I came up with novel ways to wake him, and I thought you might want to hear them, in case you ever need the help:

*The traditional metal spoon and saucepan method. Fun, but a bit 'old school', and not as noisy as you would think!

*Wolf Whistle. This was by far the most effective, and the funniest! I stood by his door and gave out a very traditional, 4 finger, very loud, unladylike whistle. He shot upright looking extremely startled and very unamused!

*Party Poppers. This is a firm favourite of the Mr. One is not enough, by the way. You need at least 2, preferably 4/6.

*The Youngest Brother. We all know the 'sending in the sibling' method. It's really fun if you go in too! We stood at the side of his bed, then after 3 shouted........"WE LOVE YOU"

These are just a few I have tried and tested, mostly done around mid afternoon, when it is beyond shameful to still be in bed.

If all this doesn't work, just use the 'sod's law' methods:

Start kissing your partner.
Make yourself a breakfast butty.
Decide to have a nap.
Decide to have sex.
Run a bath.

All of the above are guaranteed to get unwanted visitors!

If you have any further tips to shift a lazy teen, please let me know. I had a few good ideas off Twitter, but would always welcome more. 
Especially if they will leave me giggling for the rest of the day!


  1. Hahaha! Sometimes only being a mean mummy works!

    1. And I've had some cracking recommendations!! Haha x

  2. Oh dear! I will 'look forward' to this in the next year or two - and thanks for the tips!
    Filed away for the next Teen Round-up...

    1. Ah thank you (don't send them to me! haha) x

  3. I am seeing my future in this blog entry haha. Thanks for the tips =P #pocolo

  4. haha... my boys are early risers at the minute, which i sooooooo know will come around. my mum use to wake me up with the hoover and stripping the covers off my bed (how dare she!!!) lol #PoCoLo

    1. Mine used to open the curtains, used to make me jump lol x

  5. LOL! Mine are only 6 but I give them a big cuddle. Perhaps this could give your teenager a 'fright' :) #pocolo

  6. lol lol lol these made me laugh .. i need to try some on the list :-)

    thanks for linking up with #PoCoLo

    1. Oh, everyone should try at least one! haha x

  7. Love this! I'm favouring the "send in the sibling" approach right now :)


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