Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hitting Targets

Last week, I weighed in as normal. Then I planned some targets to hit (see them here)

Good news......I hit them!

I did stick to my meal plan.
I did eat more apples.
I managed 4000 steps a day!
(There was 1 day that I left it too late to hit my steps. However, I was only 1000 short and I had gone over by more than 2000, on the 2 previous days)

So what did the target hitting result in?


 I cannot express just how happy this makes me. According to my scales, I am now down 1.5 stone (21lb or roughly 10kg).

I still can't admit I look different. I can admit that some of my clothes seem a little loose (some a lot loose!). As I have discussed with a fellow wobble Wednesday blogger, weight loss is as much mental as physical. 

So here are this weeks challenges:

1. Go and buy a new top.......that fits! 
Let's show my head that I do look different.

2. Go for 4,250 steps a day.
 I am not rushing into bigger targets, I have to check what my body is able to do, without causing myself pain.

3. Make healthy lunch choices.
I have been shopping already, with this thought in mind.

So are you all keeping healthy? If you are on a weight loss plan, do share how you are doing, supporting each other is important.


  1. Great progress! Keep that motivation up :) x

  2. Yay that's FABULOUS : You need to dig out a photo from when you weighed 10kg more. You don't notice the difference when you see it coming off gradually but compare the "then" and "now" and you'll be amazed. Happy shopping and thanks for linking up on the Sunday weigh-in xx

  3. Well bloody done! I'm so proud of how well you are doing. xx

  4. You're totally right about the head thing…my is in constant tantrum mode when I'm trying to lose weight (which is all the time) so I like your idea of getting something new to prove to your head that it's all worth while :) keep up the good work, sounds like you're taking a really good approach :) xx

  5. Fabulous progress!
    I aimed for 4000 myself this week but think I'm gunna be pretty shy of that but I'm back in a routine next week so hope to follow your success

  6. Well done! And sounds like you're doing it in a sensible and sustainable way, which is brilliant! Hope you find something you like at the shops x #PoCoLo

  7. That's fantastic, well done on the loss and fabulous going with the steps!

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

  8. I wish I have your focus and determination. Congrats to the changes =) #pocolo

  9. Fantastic progress, agree with Cheryl, dig out an old photo or try something on that you haven't dared to for a while. Delighted for you xx

  10. Thanks for your comments all! I have already written this weeks, I'm getting there! xx

  11. Well done! Fantastic progress and a very healthy consistent loss - that is what it is all about! :) Thank you for linking to PoCoLo xx


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