Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Getting Healthy

I haven't really written a post, about my weight loss plans, for a couple of weeks.

I guess I found it hard, after going to the diabetic nurse, and getting such negative feed back. It wasn't the nurse that was negative, she was incredibly helpful. I think I have already shared with you, that she is willing to weigh me in monthly.

I think this is going to help me, as doing Slimming World alone makes it too easy to 'cheat'. I have not gone crazy since the appointment, I just felt like I had been sucker punched. 

Any way, the long and short of it is........My weight didn't really change much. I ended up around half a pound down. This week though, I put my mind back in order, remembered that the nurse is going to weigh me in a couple of weeks, and refocused. 

This resulted in a....


I am gradually starting to add some gentle exercise this week. I did some stepping today, just to get my body moving.

Moving on from today, my plans are:

1. Sticking to my meal plan, that way I am in control.
2. Snack on the apples I bought, rather than biscuits!
3. Get over 4,000 steps a day.

I will get back to you next week (Promise) to let you know if I stuck to plan!


  1. So much about dieting is psychological. I don't know why I need to wait until I go back to work after a break before clicking into diet mode, but it just happens. Big well done on your loss this week. Keep that mind focused and you can achieve all that you want to

    1. Thanks Graham! Your support is a great help x

  2. honey you give yourself a hard time and you shouldn't! this is s blip and i have every faith that you will lose more! big hugs honey x

    1. This is the longest I have successfully stuck to anything, so hopefully weight loss will continue xx

  3. Well done on your loss this week it's good to see you moving forward after your appointment


    1. Thanks lovely. This supportive group helps xx

  4. Well done on getting that mind set back, that is the hardest part and of course your loss. Yay!


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