Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Discovery More about Me!

As the weeks are trundling by, my weight loss is slow and steady, which is great, because that is totally maintainable. I am also in the process learning new things about myself.......Some good, some bad.

For example: This week I found out I am, most likely, lactose intolerant! I have always had stomach troubles, as long as I can remember. As a teen I was often sick, or had really bad stomach problems. I have learnt to live with it, as I've grown up. Lately, it's been flaring up quite bad. 

So for the last couple of months I have been looking at what foods cause this flare up. Up until one day this week it has been nothing in particular, just a sensitive stomach. 

Up until this week.

Until I ate a supper I used to love. My favourite pizza toppings, chopped on a plate, topped with some grated cheese. Following the Slimming World plan, I can have 30g of cheese as part of my Healthy Extra A choice. It is a decision I most definitely regretted!

Have you read what lactose intolerance is like? I hadn't, I did the next day though! Ugh.

I was up most of the night, it was VERY unpleasant.

Another thing I have learnt this week, is that when it comes to treating myself.........I really struggle! I only completed my 'buy myself a new top' target yesterday. 
I just find it so hard to go out and spend money on myself. Even buying food I like, unless everyone likes it, I won't buy it.

This has to change!

Before I move on to this weeks targets, here is how I did on last weeks:

A new top:

Doing 4250 steps a day:

Only one day I didn't do it, so I did extra (after the pics were taken), to make up for it!

As for healthier lunches, it wasn't perfect, but an improvement.

I was very surprised today to discover a loss of:


Quite frankly, I am very *hormonal* and expected a gain, so I am very happy with this little loss.

On to this weeks targets (it seems to be working for me):

1. Up the steps again
We are now up to 4,500 a day.

2. Take myself into town for a lunch.
Completely frivolous, and totally for me. This is my challenge to treat myself.

3. Get to sleep earlier.
It is commonly known that sleep aides weight loss, as well as just being good for the body. I have to get to bed earlier, so I don't feel so exhausted all the time.

As usual, I shall be linking up with AutismMumma and her Wobbles Wednesday link up. This has been a hugely supportive group to me. 

Support is a great help during the fight to lose weight, make sure you find some, if you are trying to get healthy!


  1. Looking fab Jo - Keep going...

  2. Ooh love the new top, and fantastic to get a loss with Easter - well done you ! :)

    New Sunday weigh-in linky if you fancy linking up there too -

  3. You are doing brilliant well done! Now go treat yourself xxx

  4. Love the new top and great job on the steps! Slow steady losses are definitely the best.

    Treat yourself and enjoy your lunch out, you deserve it!

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

    1. I have yet to make it out to lunch! lol x

  5. You're looking fabulous, love the top. Yes you must but the foods you like too, easier said than done though I know! Slow and steady is the best way to lose weight, I must pull myself together and get back on plan, I'm doing SW too x

    1. I'm still doing SW but on my own now....if you know what I mean lol. I find it suits the way I eat better and is giving me the steady results I like. I will buy some food I like, honest lol x

  6. Lovely new top and well done on the loss. I have to avoid full fat milk and cream as they tend to react so sympathise. Thanks for linking up and hope you've treated yourself x


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