Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Static Wobbles Wednesday

It's been a tough week here. I am still fighting with the pain, and thanks to a few pain killers I am feeling a bit 'foggy'. On top of all that, we are trying to get our finances in order. This has resulted in us being all caught up with our bills........but flat stony broke until payday.

Basically, we have all had a few days of eating what is here!

Seeing as the most awkward to feed is little A, who will only eat chicken nuggets and potato based products, this is who we have had to eat around. Unfortunately, when money is tight, cheap isn't healthy (as we all know). I have done my best, most importantly I have made sure not to over eat, one of my biggest problems when something is worrying me.

Any way, this week, it resulted in:

0 change

yup, that's right, I maintained! I am quite shocked by that..........and hugely relieved.

Positive thoughts for this week ahead, it's payday tomorrow and, although this week has been tough, all my bills are up to date and the next month will be much better.

I hope all my fellow wobblers are doing ok and anybody else on their weight loss journey.


  1. Well done, i'd say staying the same is pretty good! xx

  2. No gain is always as good as a loss in my books. Always next week to lower the scales :)

  3. Staying the same is good and at least you know why. Well done :-) #wobbleswednesday

  4. Static is sometimes the best in my book! Well done :) x

  5. Sounds good to me - and well done on getting your finances in order too. Thanks for linking up on the Sunday weigh-in linkie xx

  6. Static is sometimes the best thing for one of those weeks!


  7. Maintaining is great - well done!
    I always find it's harder to eat healthy when I can only choose what is already in my cupboards but it needs to be eaten at some point!

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

    1. Thank you! it was tough, chicken nuggets have been my friend! x

  8. Staying the same is definitely a bonus, getting the finances sorted out too is a plus. Well done for maintaining and thanks for linking up x


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