Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Inactive Wobbles Wednesday

It's Wednesday again, which means weigh in day. I must say, I really wasn't looking forward to this today. 
I have suffered lower back pain on and off for the last couple of years, occasionally it really flairs up. I am currently in the middle of one of those flair ups. I cannot explain the pain in my lower back and down my right leg. It's not even an ache, it's constant pain. 

Yes, I could go to the docs, but he'll just send me to physio who can't really do much. They will then send me back to the doc, with orders to get some nerve pain relief. This pain relief only works if I take a fair bit of it, which isn't fun. So I would rather not.

Anyway, the reason I was dreading today is because, I am struggling to stand upright. I hate getting on the scales if I am off balance, all scales can be wiggled to the lowest weight.........and that is how I weigh! (Don't tell me you don't) Basically a loss is a loss, however I stand on the scales, but if I stand differently it may be a gain, and not a deserved one.

I got on with it though and it showed:


Yay! That is last weeks gain gone, and and extra half a pound. 

This now totals 17lb lost in 11 weeks, I am very happy with that.  I never planned for this to be a short term quick loss. This is a marathon for me, not a sprint. I was hoping to get my activity levels up too, which I was doing. However, that is now on hold for a few days. Hopefully this flair up will be short lived.

I am actually starting to notice a little difference in myself. I took a selfie last night (not for your eyes) and I was pleased with some little differences I saw. 

My plan this week is:

Stay on plan with my eating. I do have a meal plan written out, just haven't got around to sharing it on here.

Try to keep active, even if it is very gentle walks to the school. Better that, than freezing up all together.

Basically I need to keep doing what I am doing, as it is working for me! 

I hope my other wobblers are doing well, and any of my other friends who are attempting to lose weight/get healthy. 
Remember to take the victories.


  1. Sounds like you are doing very well - a total 17lb loss is something to be proud of. #wobbleswednesday

  2. Sorry your in pain, but OMG well done one the 17lb! You totally bloody rock, you're doing so well, am really proud of you xx

    1. Thank you sweetheart,.comments like that keep me going xx

  3. LOL I don't do the wiggle on the scales thing but I'm definitely going to try next time ! Well done on another fab week :) Thanks for linking up on the Sunday weigh-in linkie xx

  4. Weigh in wiggle I must try it!

    Congratulations on such a fab loss 17lb is amazing


  5. Great job with your loss! I hope your back pain improves. I know it's no fun trying to lose weight when in pain, near impossible so you've done really well!

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

  6. Love the weigh in wiggle!! Well done on 17lb lost, that is blooming great. We WILL do this and thank you for linking up x


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