Saturday, March 22, 2014

Staring (fiction)

She sat staring out of the window. 
He was there again. 
Sat on the other side of the field, staring.

She wished he would go away, she knew he was staring at her home. She just didn't understand why.

Should she call her mum? But her mum never got to go out, if she called her she would come home. Then he would ruin someone else's night!

Should she call her best friend? No, it was getting late, her mum would ground her.

So what? What could she do? 
He was just sat there............watching.

What was he watching? The house was dark, she had left the downstairs light on. She had crept upstairs in complete darkness, feeling her way with her feet, then crawling on all fours into the bedroom. 

She then gradually got up on to her knees, why she did it slowly was only known to her mind. It's not like he could see through walls.......could he!? 
(no, don't be silly)

Sitting on her monochrome bed, she stared silently out of the bedroom window, wondering how long he would sit there.

It was getting close to 11pm now, he must be getting cold.
(Is that pity??? NO don't feel sorry for him!?)

Her mum would be home soon, then he would be gone. He was always gone by 11.15. He must have somewhere else to be, I wonder where? Was it far away? Would something happen if he didn't go back at that time?

So many questions, never going to be answered.

There! There was her mum, clip clopping down the street, in the gorgeous high heels she always wore. Such an elegant lady, she could watch her walk for hours. Walking in a perfectly straight line, she was never drunk, never even tipsy.

She got distracted!! No, now he was gone again. She could tell her mum, but would she believe her. Because he was gone, again. 

Would he come back? 

She hoped not.

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  1. Oh crikey, I really want to know who that man is now. This is compelling reading, I really enjoyed it. Hope to see some more from you. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought :) x

    1. Thank you! I will write more, but maybe not straght away (keep you all in suspense) x

  2. Are you going to continue with this story? I'd love to read more!


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