Thursday, March 20, 2014

Reasons to be cheerful 20/03

Spring has begun, even the crappy weather is not so crappy when a little sun peeks through. It makes it much easier to think of reasons to be cheerful.
The simple things in life, that make us smile, are making an appearance. 
Spring flowers
Happy faces
Children playing outdoors

All those things are making me happy, but let's get a little more specific to me.

Reasons to be Cheerful

1. A positive meeting with little A's teacher. It was a brief parent/teacher meeting yesterday, checking how he is getting on. There's been a lot of discussion about inclusion, amongst SEN bloggers and tweeters. I am not getting into that here, I am just going to say: at the moment, my sons school seem to be getting it right. I left feeling positive that, although he has his differences, they are finding ways to teach him. 

2. I won a competition on Tiger Tales blog, to win a £50 voucher for my schools breakfast club. It was from Kellogg's, but the voucher is for M&S!? Whether they are able to use it for breakfast goods, I'm unsure. However it will be used to benefit the children, which works for me.

3. Growing up. Last night my son went to a Jason Derulo concert, his first big concert. I feel sick, proud, overwhelmed......... I could keep going!! 

So what's making you happy this week? Don't forget, when you're feeling rubbish, think of 3 things that make you smile! 
The blog hop is still with Lakes Single Mum, for March. Click the picture above to be magically zipped over to her blog 


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  2. Lovely reasons, hope you all have a fab weekend x

  3. that does sound like a good week! hope we get more sun next week

  4. WTG on the win! I'm sure you can buy cereal in the M&S supermarket, at least I think you can :/
    Lovely reasons, have a great weekend x

    1. They have found a teacher that lives near a M&S. So it worked out xx

  5. Lots of positives there and doesn't the sunshine help so much? Concert is yet another milestone - I guess the just keep coming and we keep learning how to deal with them. Glad the school thing is going well. Have a lovely week - you so deserve it

  6. Whoo you won, great prize :) loving the sunshine, its making me very happy :)

  7. Brilliant that things are going well with your son's school. Isn't it great when the SEN support is working (thankfully that's been my experience with Boyzilla's school too, makes life so much easier)


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