Thursday, March 06, 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful 06/03

The reigns of  the Reasons to be Cheerful linky are firmly back in the hands of the lovely Becky, for the month of March, find her here: Lakes Single Mum

Reasons to be Cheerful

My Reasons to be Cheerful:
1. Getting active again. I really am determined to get active. I have a friend who has lost almost 7 stone, she amazes me constantly. She has followed a diet, but she is so active, she walks miles! I would love to emulate this, but I am of a slightly nervous disposition and find the idea of walking alone quite frightening. I could find a walking buddy, but 
A. what if I am not fit enough to keep up and 
B. I like to have music to walk to, would be a bit rude if I had company! 
Yesterday I came up with a solution, not suitable for everyday, but once a week should be ok.......I borrowed my friends daughter!! Pushing a pushchair and lots of toddler chatter led to this:
not bad!
2.  Having a little one around for the day (The child I borrowed) and seeing how my boys reacted to her. It was such a joy, and we are all looking forward to pinching her again next week!

3. Being brave! I am going, alone, to a Blog Brunch workshop thing tomorrow. I have also bought a ticket for a South Wales Blogger meet up. I am putting myself out there, meeting new people.........and I am crapping myself. I secretly hoped my mister wouldn't be able to change his shift for tomorrow, but he did. Eek!

I am hoping to have more reasons to be cheerful today, as my teen has some exam results due. He is hoping to do well, as he has really been working hard. Fingers crossed.

Hope you all have a reason to be cheerful. If you can't think of anything, you can at least be happy that you are drawing breathe for another day!


  1. Of course you'll get fitter faster when you're pushing someone while you're walking (I should know of course!). Lovely that the boys enjoyed having her around too, and best of luck with the blogger meet up: I nervously went to one as well here in Dublin, and had a lovely time, though bringing Smiley with me helped xx

  2. Go for a walking buddy. I say this of course when I should get one myself but would be terrified of doing so. You are making such strides - very impressed with the blogging meet-up - go you!

  3. Being out walking is so good for both physical and mental health and sounds like you have a perfect walk partner! Enjoy the meetups I am jealous as I live too far from other bloggers to meet up..

  4. Hey how did the brunch go? Good on you for staying active. I miss the gym.


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