Monday, March 03, 2014

meal plan Monday 03/03

It has been a crazy busy day in Ojos World today. We have finally given in and got rid of the bunk beds, my 2 youngest sons are now...........sleeping on pull outs on the floor!! Yes, seriously. Nothing else will work, or fit. The youngest can't sleep unless he can see middle boy, and middle boy keeps banging his head! So basically, me and Mr. Ojo have worked our socks off today, and there are now 2 very happy boys.

This is all to explain, why my meal plan is so late going up. I know I could schedule etc etc, but I like to write *off the cuff* so to speak. I have been doing this almost 2 years (Where the actual f*ck did that time go!?), and I rarely schedule a post....................I am waffling again! On to this weeks 

Meal Planning Monday

Steak, stir fry veg and jacket spuds
Turkey and Veg Curry
Corned beef Pie (A family request, I may pinch a little as it is weigh day!)
Spaghetti Bolognese
Stew (The misters speciality and I'm off to a blog thing in Cardiff)
Fakeaway (Basically anything I feel like chucking together)
Roast Chicken (Because we forgot to take the chicken out for last week!)

had to add the picture, because the Mr amused me!
As ever, I would love to hear your ideas for meals, and I shall be linking up with Mr.M (just click the picture to be directed to her blog).


  1. Ohh Yum! Lots of my faves there!! Everything sounds delicious!! x

  2. Ooooo, Corned Beef Pie...that sounds interesting :)


  3. great menu, I love a good Fakeaway, I have a thing about making my own 'KFC' style burgers. :)


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