Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Hive Active Heating: Control your heating

When I was asked to look into Hive Active Heating, I didn't fully understand what it was about. Yes I had seen the catchy ads, on TV (they stop little A in his tracks). I did understand that it was something to do with your mobile phone, and controlling your heating, other than that.....stumped

Then I took the time to properly look at it. I have to admit, it's blooming genius! How many scenarios can you think of, where you've left an empty house, with the heating on. We are so used to doing it, we don't even realise how much money we are wasting.

Imagine, if you are working, something comes up. You are going to be late home. Your heating (if you're like me) is set for, maybe, 30mins before you get in. But you have to work on a bit, then you have to pop to the shop for something quick to eat (who wants to cook a full meal after a long day?). Your heating would have been on for an hour or two........in a totally empty house!
Now imagine you could grab your mobile phone, while still in work, and change the times. So it comes on, you guessed it, 30mins before you actually get in. Brilliant!

Or you are coming back from a day trip, you have a car full of cold, wet, miserable children (it's the UK, it's always wet). Imagine if you could set your timer, so that your house was warm and snugly when you get in? From your mobile phone!? 

You actually can now. Hive active heating actually allows you to set your heating times from your mobile phone, click HERE to go to their web site homepage. Modern technology is a wonderful thing.

What it does:

It gives you control of your heating, when your not at home, via an app on your mobile phone. 
There's a brief run down here: Remote Heating Control 

What you get:

You will get a thermostat, a receiver, a hub and the mobile phone App:
source: Hive.com
 Also professional installation, all for the price shown on the website. The best part is, you don't have to change your heating provider. 

The idea of lying in bed and adjusting the temp of my heating, because there's been a midnight chill?....heaven. For that reason I am seriously looking at adding this to my home. It just makes sense.
Post in collaboration with Hive.com

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