Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Getting my S**t Together!

OK, this is it. This is the last whiny, feeling sorry for myself, post. I have to get my shit together.

I have spent most of the last few days wallowing in self pity and crying. This has to stop! I have not picked up a sewing needle or a pencil. I have done very little. So lets get it all out now, lets lay the cards on the table and try to get myself back to 'normal'.

You see, I didn't just have a Dr's appointment this week, in which I found out why I was in PAIN. I have also had a diabetic review, with the nurse. Yes, you guessed it.........

More Bad News

I go to quarterly reviews. They check my blood pressure, review my HBAC1 (for those not in the know, that is an average of your blood sugar reading, over the 3 previous months), they also weigh me.*sigh*  

I should also state, I missed my last appointment, I just didn't have the energy or time for it, it was around Christmas?! So I am sat there, proudly telling her that I have been looking after myself, that I was following the Slimming World plan.........blah blah blah.

So she checked my BP. It was up.
She reviewed my HBAC1. It was up.
Then I got on the guessed it.....

What the actual f**k!?
It actually weighed me heavier than I was 17lb ago! How is that even possible?!
She did politely tell me to pay attention to my own scales, be positive, blah blah blah.

So basically, I am now on even more tablets for my diabetes (which can make you gain weight?!). I then have to go back in 4 weeks, if my BP and weight are not lower, you guessed it..........more medication.

So there you have it. This is why I am quiet on FB and Twitter. I don't want to whine non stop at people (although, when I have done it, Twitter you have been amazeballs). I am supposed to be going out this weekend, but I have backed out. I am worried I will have a few Gins and end up a blubbering mess........that is not what a hen night is supposed to be like!

As for the scales.....


Quite frankly, I would of been happy with a half a stone gain. Happy that I had got away with the shit choices I have made!

Good luck any fellow wobblers, I have already had one positive text (you know who you are), proud of you girlie.


  1. I feel for you hun - try not to be so hard on yourself as that will not help your bp! #wobbleswednesday

    1. I am trying to shake the mood. A new day and all that xx

  2. When the chips are down it is tough to be positive, but it sounds like you are going for it. All the best for the next few weeks, and I'm never further than a tweet or DM away if you need reminding you can do this

    1. Thanks for your continued support. Really does mean a lot.

  3. Just look after yourself, it's hard to adjust to medication, I'm starting to take metformin again (for PCOS) and it is making me feel real crappy so I'm just taking it one step at a time and avoiding the scales is just one thing that is making me feel a little more relaxed. Try not to put pressure on yourself in a way that makes you feel bad, I know it's frustrating when weight loss will also help with health problems. Focus on small changes and taking care of yourself.

    1. Thank you. It helps to get a comment from someone that understands xx

  4. You know what? Forget the scales ! They're just one factor to take into account. Think about how much exercise you've done or things you didn't eat that you could have done or clothes that are feeling looser ... You're allowed to feel down too so have a rant, let it all out. Hugs xxx

  5. Bless you gorgeous. Cut yourself SOME SLACK!! You are going through a rough time so take it easy - and well done with staying the same on the scales xx

  6. Don't be beating yourself up so much. You can and will get through this. Health, both mental and physical can be such a fragile thing but thankfully there are ways to improve things. You can do these things! Chin UP!

  7. you are allowed to be sad and unhappy without getting it out you can move on honey. Any time day or night you know where you can find me ... and your welcome to rant any time at all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. had a feeling something was amiss which is why I popped by. Frankly my dear, your gorgeousness has very little do with what any scales say. And you are allowed to rant/moan/wail but also to get a grip and recognize how amazing you are too. I for one am always interested in what you have to share on your blog and hope to chat properly in real life one day

  9. Oh hun cut yourself some slack! You're doing great keep plodding on with us on the weigh ins and you'll see a difference


  10. Oh lovely, I sensed something was up and then got tied up in my own little worries.
    Go by how your clothes are feeling, not by figures. What a rough appointment.
    Hopefully you've been cheered up by the comments cos you are fab and one day I'll tell you in person! X


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