Saturday, March 01, 2014

A Wish List

Wednesday we went to Cardiff. This in itself is a very big deal. We took our 2 youngest with us..........see a BIG deal.

We had to go to Cardiff, as Mr. Ojo has a very broken Iphone in his hands. After spending all weekend on the lappy trying to fix it (me not him), he called apple. Originally I thought they weren't particularly helpful, but actually they were. They sent us for an appointment in the Apple store.

In the a Apple Store

I was dreading spending hours in the store, while they fixed his phone, but I needn't of worried. Quite frankly I have never seen the boys happier! They were surrounded by technology of every kind, once they found the kids bit, they were sorted:

I can't really complain either, all I can really say is............WOW

Have you seen the products that apple have out now? To balance my wish list, I will say, I don't want an Iphone. Mr. Ojo loves his and, if his needs replacing, will go for another. I am very happy with my Samsung, probably my favourite phone, that I have owned. Android markets and quickly catching up in style and substance with Apple and, when my contract is due for renewal, I shall be going for the same again.

However, as far as the computers go!? I want them for each room of my house. Even the bathroom.

I got to play on one of the Macs, I will confess.........I did put my blog up on there, and left it. This isn't a review post or anything, but if you're a tech fan like me, then go here: and drool! 

I want all of them, but ideally I want the biggest! 
I could of, absolutely, spent all day just playing with different items in there. 

However, for now, I think I shall set my sights on a slightly more affordable wish list.............
Like a new kitchen bin. *sigh*

Signing of from my sons refurb laptop with a heavy heart


  1. Apple stores are just amazing. I am like you, would love every single gadget that they make! P.S. I LOVE my iPhone! :-)

    1. My hubby did need a new phone and did go for another Iphone! So you're not alone x

  2. Jo - I have to deliberately avoid the Apple store, I get laptop (and any other device) envy!! Just makes me depressed!!

    1. I think I may pop in there again, when I'm in Cardiff Friday....just to browse (play) lol x


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