Saturday, March 15, 2014

A New Era is Coming

A new era starting, and I am scared.

My tween will be starting the local Comprehensive, this September!

My special, talented, sweet faced little boy, will start his journey into becoming a man. His boyfriend/girlfriend relationships will change. Times will become less innocent. 

His differences will either be more noticeable, or will they fade into the back ground a little? I always thought I would want the latter, but I am not so sure any more. Why can't he be different, they are all different! 

I have taken the tentative steps of enquiring about the school SENCO, just to open communication. I am hoping I don't need to speak to her much over the coming 5 years.  They have promised me that there is a lot of communication between them and the primary, before any of the children go up.

It hasn't escaped my mind though, that there are several feeder schools into this particular comp, some are bound to slip through the net! 

These are not my only worries. I am concerned about his abilities too. He is becoming quite the talented little guitarist, will he be able to continue this:

I think my main fear is........he's not going to have back up. Because of the, accidental, large age gaps, none of my boys will be in the same school at the same time. My big brother was in the last year, while I was in the 1st. Granted, I was not allowed to talk to him, look at him or tell anyone I was related to him! But if anyone had given me trouble I think (or hope) he would of backed me up.

I have survived one child going through this, can I survive another?

Do you have a tween about to go into Secondary phase? What advice would you give?

Please help me!!!


  1. I've got 3 at secondary school and was really worried about the last one, (yr7) she's really shy and none of her primary friends went up with her (unlike the other 2) but she made new friends and her confidence just grew. She even got on stage to represent her college and did a speech in front of 1200 people! I would recommend if they do any summer camps prior to starting that your son can attend as this is a great head start to get to know the school and make friends.

    1. He is quite confident already, a big fan of the stage! That is a very good idea about summer camps, I will look into that. Thank you x

  2. It's a scary time for all parents, but must be that little bit harder for you with his differences. Good luck to you both! x

    1. As he is getting older, his differences are getting less noticeable, outside the house. I do think it's a fear we all have as parents, I know a few of his friends parents have voiced the same concern xx


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