Tuesday, March 11, 2014

500, really!?

Something caught my eye today, as I was about to write my (one day late) meal planning Monday.....

This will be my 500th published post. 

Is that important? I'm not sure if it's important to others, but it feels important to me. I'm not even sure why it's important.......but this is *Ojos World* so what's important to me is what you get.

So I figured, for this monumental post we should review what you may have learnt about me, and what you haven't! Or even what it all actually means...........that sounds a lot deeper than it's really going to end up.

What has 500 posts taught you about me?

I like to Craft/Sew.
I really do love it, I find it relaxing. I do know it's quite an old fashioned idea but, depending on what I sew, it doesn't have to be. Besides, who cares what anyone else thinks? I enjoy it, that is what matters.

I love horror movies
I don't write about it, because you never know who's reading! I don't want to be scaring the young (or old) and impressionable with my love of scary stuff.

I am always on a diet.
You may have noticed this? Although I am constantly failing..........but not this time. Nope this time I am going to do this!

I am very honest.
This is my little space of the Internet. I love that you come back, some of you over and over, but you come back to read because I am me..........I hope!

I love colour! (mainly in my hair)
Yes, you may have noticed.........

What do I hoped you have taken from my 500 posts?

That Autism is not to be feared! My children are happy and well adjusted. I hope that barriers continue to be knocked down and that everyone will be accepted for who they are, not what label they carry.

That cooking doesn't have to be hard work. Have fun, make it convenient, make it suit you! I love to learn new things, hopefully I teach some of them to you.

That even the strongest and most loving marriages have problems. But everything can be fixed, with hard work and thoughtfulness. 

What comes next?

Hmmmm. I don't know if I should change anything. I am happy doing what I do!

However (Oh, like you didn't know that was coming!)

I want to write more fiction. I love to write from the heart, poetry etc. I have been a bit shy about putting that on here. Maybe that should change.

 I shall continue to write about autism. It is something that has been lacking lately. Everything is going smoothly, but maybe that should be shared too!

Trying to improve my photography. It's something I love but, yet another, thing I am unsure it's good enough to share. So I have decided I want to learn more, so you can come along on that journey.

This year I want to do my house up a bit. It just needs refreshing..........from top to bottom! Another thing that I will probably share with you.

So, what do you think you have learnt about me this past 500 posts? And what more would you like to know?
I am throwing myself open to you, so to speak! 
Ask me anything, I can't promise I will answer, but I will be honest when I do.

Most of all, thank you for reading and commenting. I read every single thing you write back to me, it means the world.


  1. Happy 500th birthday. Brilliant post, when I read this I wonder whose voice it is I hear in my head. Are you actually Welsh or just live in Wales because right now I am hearing Stacey from Gavin and Stacey whose voice are actually love, though now I totally can not get it out my head!!! Looking forward to some poetry! xxx

    1. I will get around to doing a vlog one day, I promise..just for you!! lol x

  2. Congrats!! Well done!!
    I totally missed that milestone over on my blog....I have posted 574 posts....Thought I'd only done about 400....lol

    1. It really surprised me, when I noticed! It just felt important some how x

  3. Happy 500th post! I love horror movies, too, but they have to be properly scary so as not to disappoint ;-) I recently ran a learn with me photography series on my blog that helped me so much and now I'm always thinking about how to take the best shots - it's a new addiction! Good luck with the next 500 x #PoCoLo

    1. I shall look that up on your blog! I really want to learn more, I've considered taking a class too x

  4. That is a milestone! I wrote a special post for my 500th too - it's good to reflect on where you've come from and where you're going. I say just keep doing what you do and enjoy. The blog will naturally change and evolve over time as it reflects what's going on in your life. I never would have foreseen mine going off into the world of decorating and doing up a house!
    I'm now fast heading for 1,000 posts. Time to reflect again, I think!

    1. That is definitely time to reflect! I bet it feels like you have been writing for no time, I know I do, and it's been almost 2 years x

  5. What a wonderful milestone :O) Congratulations! It is great to stop and reflect for a while before moving on again. I would SO love to see some of your poetry and fiction and it would be an honour if you would share it with Prose for Thought (they are a very supportive bunch :). Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

    1. I have linked up to #pocolo before, I don't know why sharing my creative writing holds so much fear! I love reading others lol x

  6. Happy 500th - I must admit that milestone on our blog passed with celebration. Must do better when I hit the next big number. Good luck getting more people to accept that autism is not to be feared and good luck writing. Two very good goals and I shall look ofrward to reading about your progress with both ... and dieting ;)

    1. Thank you! I hope you do remember your next big number, it is such a lovely way to look back, and reflect, on where the blog has changed x

  7. Happy 500th - what a milestone! I just read Victoria's comment and you should definitely link up some of your creative writing - we'll be nice, I promise! I only started sharing stuff this year and Prose for Thought is where I do it! #PoCoLo


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