Saturday, February 01, 2014

Team Honk comes to Caerphilly!

 Today I got the #TeamHonkRelay baton! I met the absolutely lovely 
and their beautiful children at Caerphilly Shopping Centre, and did the hand over. Weather was really against us, and there was no way she could drag those poor little babies around the castle!

This is her picture of the meeting:
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Here are the rest of the pictures I far. I have pics my mum took, but no wire to plug into the lappy, so they will come tomorrow. I am also taking the baton to my sons primary school this week, before posting on to North Wales, where Claire from six degrees of harmony, will be having fun before sending the baton further North.

Don't forget to get involved, or donate, check the links at the bottom of the page!

deciding to go with pigtails!

my Tween honker, to help me along.

Stood outside a VERY cold and VERY wet
Caerphilly Castle with the baton.
(I'm not deformed, my bag was under my dressing gown!)

Finally, dropping RJ back to cooking class, with
the lovely Kay, that runs it!
To see what team honk is all about, click this link:

To donate to Team Honk/Wales, click here:

If you would like more info about Sport Relief, and how you can get involved, click here:
There are loads of events happening all over the country, for all ages.

Most of all....................



  1. Was lovely to meet you all!! See you at Britmums xxx

  2. *honks wildly* THANK YOU so much for getting involved - and now I have dressing gown envy too! x

    1. I love that dressing gown! hands off young lady! lol x

  3. Well done - lovely that the tween was involved too


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