Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful 20/02

We are nearly all the way through February already. I know it's a short month, but only by a couple of seems to fly by, compared to January.

It's my last, but one, before handing back over to Lakes Single Mum. So we best get on with this weeks:
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if you should want to)

 1. Pride in my children. It's easy to be proud of our children, every little thing they achieve is another step towards growing up. My boys have been driving me a little crazy lately, more on that another day. 
Then they go and throw a curve ball, like they did yesterday! 
Biggest boy went to spend the day at college, to see about the course he was interested in, and he loved it! He is genuinely excited about going in September (Phew). 
Middle boy had a class assembly, which the parents were allowed to go watch. The whole class, and teacher, should be very proud of what they did. It was done in the style of a morning news programme, with all the children playing different parts, and discussing rivers and the floods. My boy did all of his in Welsh (something I can not get my head around)! He is so good at it, and so confident, it was wonderful. 
Littlest boy was in one of the classes that were also invited to watch. I was worried that a hall full would be too overwhelming for him, and that he would want to come home with me as soon as he saw me..............he didn't! He sat right at the front, with one of the TA's, he rocked and fidgeted a lot, but stayed in one spot. The only time he got distressed was when everyone clapped at the end, and that didn't last, he ended up clapping too!
So proud of them all yesterday (today, however, don't ask!!).

2. My Sewing. I managed to complete my first top on my own. It's not perfect, there are some adjustments to be made, but I did it and loved it!

3. Valentines. I know it was last week, but it was a day late for R2BC. I had a homemade valentine. I made my hubby a cushion and cupcakes, I think he loved them (the cakes didn't see the day out). He got me a Welsh Love spoon, not homemade, but something that he remembered I had always wanted.

 We had such a lovely (and totally non commercial) day together. So many people complain about it, saying you should show love every day blah, blah, blah. My argument: I am happy to be alive every day, I still celebrate my birthday!

So that's my reasons this week, I do hope you join in. If you're a blogger, join in the blog hop below. If you're not a blogger, leave me a comment on one of the social networks.

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  1. Great idea to compile a list of our 'reasons to be cheerful' every once in a while -
    it's too easy to focus on the difficulties, rather than the joys…
    Thank you,

    Emma :-)

  2. Great reasons to be proud of your children & cheerful!!

  3. Love you had a good Valentines and your take on it too and how you express it so forcefully.
    Well done on the sewing - so wish I had any talent in such areas.
    But my fave paragraph was about your children - such love in there and well done to each and every one of them

  4. What a lovely post! I definitely want to join up with this blog hop!

  5. Well done to all your boys, I have a proud mummy moment this week too! I love the idea of a non-commercial Valentines Day It's a huge thing over here even for the kids! I'm off to google a Welsh Love Spoon, i've never heard of them :-)

  6. Your boys really did you proud! Lots of lovely reasons :-)

  7. I love that comeback about celebrating your birthday. Have a great week, Mich x

  8. Always a nice idea to make a list of things that we're grateful for. I bought a diary at the beginning of this year and I write one thing at the end of each day that has made me happy/grateful during that day. I love to flick through it when I'm feeling a bit down and be reminded of all the good things in life.

  9. Lovely list! Wow to the Welsh, such a hard language to keep on top of. My Dad was Welsh (and also spoke Welsh) and I was useless at learning anything beyond a couple of basic greeting/goodnight!! :)

  10. Lovely reasons and well done to all your boys x


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