Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Style

After my introduction last week, to my style (namely colour). You will not be surprised to discover........there's been another change!

People that don't dye their hair like me, according to mood, will not understand this: I didn't feel like a blonde anymore. It's difficult to explain, but my mood dictates how I dress, how I style myself. I have been looking at pictures taken recently (I am a selfie taker), feeling like I was looking at someone else.

So a change had to be made. I needed to go dark again, not necessarily black, but dark. I still wanted it to be vibrant, striking and, obviously, a little different.

So yesterday I went from this:

To this:

Yes, I was half asleep in the first picture, but the dye job really made me feel awake!

As usual, I did it myself. If you're wondering how I got the effect, it was relatively simple.
I simply started at the roots, with the dye, then worked it up into a ponytail, leaving the ends without dye. I wasn't particular about avoiding the ends totally, because I wanted it to blend. 

I'm really pleased with the results and I feel like a whole new woman.......again!

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