Monday, February 10, 2014

Meal Plan Monday 10/02

I didn't actually do a meal plan, yesterday. Normally Sunday, after dinner, is allocated for meal planning, list writing, then food shopping on line. I simply didn't feel like it, if I'm honest! Feeling slightly under the weather,  nothing serious, just the normal ya know!

So I've sat here today, while eating left over vegetable soup from last weeks plan, and thought about this week. It's my 'poor' week, so there is a little bit of freezer diving and leftover using, but that can make delicious meals, if you plan right.

So here is this weeks:
Meal Planning Monday

Veggie and pasta, with cheese and bread crumb topping.
Cottage pie
Fish or Chicken with mash and peas
Slimming World KFC chicken (because I've been promising the teen, and keep forgetting to get the stuff!)
Can't tell you, because the Mr reads my blog and it's valentines! 
Roast Dinner

That's kind of a throw together plan! I will probably stick to it.............possibly. I haven't been shopping, online or otherwise. Little A has finally gone back to school today, I had plans to do so much. So far I've done sweet nothing. I have not even run the hoover around the house.........disgraceful housewife haha.

I have dyed my hair........but that's in tomorrows post.

Hope you all have a wonderful week planned ahead. 
Happy Monday my lovelies.


  1. Hope you feel better soon!


  2. hope your feeling better next week looking forward to finding out what you had for valentines day!

  3. Hope you feel better soon!!
    Can't wait to read about your hair!!


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