Monday, February 03, 2014

Meal Plan Monday 03/02

We are still on plan for making our 'normal' dinners healthier. Everyone seems happy with it and my weight loss is going steady.

We are also still trying new things, and sharing if they turn out well. Last weeks 'new' thing was Yorkshire Pudding Potatoes. My hubby did the cooking as I was feeling lazy that day. He followed the recipe, just replacing fat with spray oil and breadcrumbs for wholemeal breadcrumbs. 

The recipe was basically Yorkshire Puddings (flour, eggs, milk, seasoning) with mashed potato added in. The reason I'm not sharing the full recipe is because it was, well, bland. It needed something, a little experimenting will be required before I share a recipe.

On to this weeks:
Meal Planning Monday
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Still in keeping with the Healthier recipes, the something new, on this weeks plan, will be Slimming World style Southern Fried Chicken. If it all goes well, I shall share how I did it.

My meal plan last week was a bit of a struggle, as my car went Kaput! So online shop is already done for this week, unfortunately it's not coming til Tuesday lunchtime...........really need to work on my organisational skills!

Hope you all have lovely food planned this week, do share with me, I love pinching other peoples ideas! 


  1. Yum! Everything sounds delicious especially the homemade soup...My soup always comes out of a

  2. Sounds good. I really miss eating pasta! :(


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