Tuesday, February 18, 2014

If I were

I was tagged to do this unusual meme by City Girl Gone Coastal. A few bloggers have linked up, I like it because it's quite thoughtful. How you read the answers is, kind of, up to you.

If I Were:

A Month I would be June
A Country I would be Italy
A Time of Day Midnight
A Sea Animal A beached Whale
A Direction South
A Liquid Water
A Gemstone Sapphire
A Tree An Oak
A Game Hide and Seek
A Famous Painting The Scream
A Flower Daffodil
A kind of Weather Spring Showers
A Musical Instrument Piano
A Piece of Furniture Chest of Drawers
A Colour Lilac
A Means of Transportation A Donkey
An Emotion Sadness
A Fruit Lime
A Sound Klaxon
A Vehicle Motorbike
A Place Home
A Taste Sweet
A Scent Sweet Citrus
An Animal Bear
A Random Object Chest of Drawers
Body Part Butt
A Song Just give me a reason Pink
An Item of Clothing A good Bra

I did this with my boys, the answers were quite revealing! I would love for others to join in, I shan't tag anyone for now, but if you do want to do one, you could let me know and link up with City Girl (just click on her name in the first paragraph to go to her answers).

 I would also love to here how some of my non-blogging friends would answer and, what they think of mine.

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