Monday, February 03, 2014

Education, my Opinion

There is something you rarely get of me, a politically motivated post. The reason I don't write them is plain and simple fear. I don't like upsetting people and I'm always afraid of sounding stupid.

But recently there is something that's been bugging me, and I have to state my opinion on it. 
The British Education system.
It's broken, plain and simple. It needs fixing.............but by who?
I certainly do not know how to fix it, I have never, or will never, say that.

Some of the news stories that have appeared lately have got to me. How much truth is in this 'news', well that's up to you to decide.

Longer Days.
There is talk of putting children in school for longer hours, shortening the holidays etc.
Personally I did not have my children so they could be shoved in school all day, then come home too exhausted to be..........well, kids! I want to be around my children. When you have a teen, then two others that are a little 'different', getting them to spend time with ANYONE is hard. Can you imagine how much interaction they would want after 10 hours in school?!

I know that some parents have no choice, they have to work to survive. So surely the after school clubs and breakfast clubs, that are becoming more popular, are a better answer for them. I know a few parents that work bloody hard, but still want that meal time interaction with their children. I know there are also parents that in all honesty would dump their children on whoever is available, so they can work (and play). I actually know a few parents that fall into that category! If that's their choice, fine. But let them pay for it!?

I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about homework too. My 6 year old brings home homework, my tween brings home homework, my teen brings home homework. I am a very bad mammy when it comes to this, I am not going to fight with my children to do it. I simply don't agree with it. I didn't have that much to do at home, until I reached Comprehensive level. Why can't we just allow our children to enjoy their free time.

Exams Getting Easier.
Ooooh, this has really got my back up over past years. Probably annoyed many parents of teens. Every year the results come out, the children do well...........then the argument starts about how exams are getting 'easier'.

Well do you know what, Mr. Gove (and other Education heads).............My teen son is working is ASS off for his GCSE's. He has been in school, studying and perfecting coursework, during lunch hours and after school. He is exhausted, falling asleep in the bath on more than one occasion. It does look like he's going to do well.
What will he hear when he gets the results?
From me he'll get a pat on the back, and every electronic device turned off, so he doesn't have to witness the crap you spout!
Then what happens when it's college time? Oh yeah, if he's not working at the same time, he'll be classed as a 'lazy' teen.

There are so many barriers up for our children these days, whatever they do it's never enough.

I have managed to bring my children up to be well behaved, polite, thoughtful.
What have you contributed to that Mr. Gove? I tell you what..........Exhaustion, pressure and demands.

I wish I could fix it, because someone needs to.


  1. I agree kids don't need 10 hours of schooling but there does need to be affordable wrap around child care at school for those of us that need it. I am also terrible at enforcing homework...

    1. Thats exactly where the money should be spent. Support the parents and children x


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